Sunday, 12 October 2008

Another Story Adventure

Ala Kazam!

That's another fine mess . . .

The new series of Shaun is the perfect project for a board artist. The script outlines are very open and you're encouraged to add gags, character moments and even huge chunks of plot. Can't say too much about a series in development but fans will not be disappointed. The Laurel and Hardy box set arrived in the office yesterday for reference. I'm sure it will be devoured in the name of funny.

Where we're going we don't need roads

Having come across the below photo it made me think about the transition to a digital cintiq. They make the story process much more organic, like having a gigantic photocopier strapped to your light desk. I started on the new series of Shaun the Sheep in late July and the whole system is digital which is kind of strange. Sure we keep bits of paper around for old times sake and I'll always thumb and pitch on paper. It's not the Wil E Coyote "Acme Storyboarder 5000" you've still got to draw on the thing. There isn't a button you press and the boards spew out, believe me I've looked.