Monday, 26 April 2010

Wallace & Gromit "Widescreen" 1

A recent N Power commercial I boarded, it was directed by Merlin Crossingham. It was a treat to work out the horror references.

Wallace & Gromit "Widescreen" 2

Wallace & Gromit "Widescreen" 3

There's never anything on

Gromit on the dog and Bone

"Widescreen" Bookend shots

The clients and agency were delighted with the 30 second commercial. So much so they requested it to be longer! The opening shot of the haunted house, Gromit walking past the paintings and the end shot of the discarded tv's.

It's all in the eyes

Sunday, 25 April 2010

N power Split screen

Animatic and Commercial side by side. Copyright Aardman Animations 2010


Arnos Vale Cemetery

The victorian cemetery near where I live provides a nice amble . Quiet and almost like a nature reserve. Some of the graves are so intricate and full of characters. It is the oldest in Bristol and began life as a zoo.


Ramblers waiting for the Number 52

Naughty Bear

A Tiger collection

Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery

Shaun the Sheep wins Best Children’s Series

At the British Animation Awards 2010. We are all so proud . . .

The series director on "Shaun the Sheep" was Chris Sadler - who did a great job of holding all the episodes together. The director of "Ewe've been framed" was Rich Webber as seen above.

Rich's boys "Purple and Brown"

A new series is in the works, hush hush

Shaun the Sheep "Ewe've Been Framed" wins a British Animation Award!

AKA "Glasses" was a great episode to storyboard.
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One Train

Last month I was invited by Bafta to run an Aardman Storyboard workshop for children. This was one of many workshops around London to coincide with the premiere of "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang". There were drama and SFX makeup sessions. In mine we all storyboarded a one minute story starring Wallace & Gromit.

One Car

One Library

Willesden Green Library, London was the venue for the workshop.

A great assortment of colour hit me once inside.

Storyboard Juniors

As expected the children were great. When it comes to thinking freely about ideas that is the age to be!

The real star of the show