Sunday, 9 November 2008

Forever blowing bubbles

The Director wanted the character to have lots of potential and little quirks. The blowing of bubbles threw up lots of possibilities on the website, clicking on bubbles for example to lead thru to new menus. I loved this guys spindly legs and could really imagine how nervously he would move around . . .


Lots of Green men!

Of course when you start of on a project like this you have no real idea what the director sees in his or hers head, especially when the character is an alien, who knows what the heack is out there! Sarah was happy to look at anything so I gave her lots of options. From there we zeroed in on a few likely candidates . . .

Little Green Men

Holy Cow! So busy at work at the mo - Shauns steamrolling ahead at breakneck speed, this week I'll start my fourth episode! I've also been working on some Wallace and Gromit storyboards for some secret projects that will accompany the screening of their new film "A Matter of Loaf and Death" this Christmas on BBC1.

Needless to say not much in the way of sketchbook work happening, I've uploaded a design project from a few months ago. I was approached by the brilliant Sarah Ball, director of Bob the Builder, to design a character and logo for her new business "Extraordinary Alien". The brief was exactly what it says on the tin, an extraordinary little fella, cheeky and eyecatching. I'll upload the development from time to time and then the final design. Hopefully you can enjoy the journey as much as I did!