Monday, 8 February 2010

Shaun the Sheep "Spring Lamb"

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Doggy Mess

I loved working with Bitzer. His managerial personality leaves him wide open for moments like this.

Mummy Rocket

See some of this sequence shot in this making of. You may need to brush up on your German.

Quick sketches of a Slow day at the Spa

Remember to breathe

Who can forget the dreaded swim lesson. Poor lambs

Tight then loose

In the jacuzzi, joined by strangers people are ill at ease, tense. When left alone they can open up and reveal curves. This swimmer had an innate fear of loose swimwear.


The delicate balance of legs

The eye would naturally wander to my wife's legs. They always seemed to intertwine searching for that comfortable reading position. Strange things legs when we're not using them to get somewhere.

Camera Obscure


Still water is quiet and lone figures seem adrift.

2009 Recap "Wallace and Gromit Storyboard Class"

2009 Recap "Alien logo"

Copyright of Jay Clarke and Sarah Ball

Copyright of Jay Clarke and Sarah Ball