Friday, 8 April 2011

Scarfe self portrait

Gerald Scarfe visit

The great cartoonist came by the story dept. He discussed his work on Disney's Hercules.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wallace & Gromits World of Inventions

Directed by Merlin Crossingham
Produced by John Woolley

Wallace & Gromits "Reach for the Skies" Thumbnail

Thumbnailing around the script is fast and effective . . .


I don't hang around - we get those thumbs straight into the edit and meet with the director and editor and hash it out - when it feels to be working . . .

I clean up boards and concentrate on the acting and clarification for the animatiors and modelers.


This is a work in progress model of the character by one of the talented Aardman model makers.

Underdog "Deaf"

This is one of the commercials directed by Peter Peeke

Underdog "Deaf" Animatic

Underdog "Laughing"

Another of the ads
Directed by Peter Peeke


Earlier last year I worked on episodes of the childrens series "Chuggington"
Directed by Sarah Ball. The series went down really well and is in production on another series.

Chuggington Animatic

This storyboard was done in the computer package "Sketchup". It mean't the boards were also used for layout purposes as the set and characters matched the CGI material.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Wallace & Gromits "Nature knows Best" Thumbnail

I storyboarded all of the animation for the Wallace and Gromit's World of Inventions series that aired on BBC one. I get a real kick seeing these quick thumbnail sketches

. . . and then these wonderful shots with all the great artistry that brings these quite silly moments to life!

Wallace & Gromits "Home Sweet Home" Storyboards

Gromit is pipped to the post by his robotic replacement

Wallace & Gromit Radio Times cover

This little beauty was designed by Nick Park

Radio Times centre spread

This sketch was for the World of Inventions edition of the Radio Times. It was great fun to work on.

Life drawing 30 second poses

I recently organised life drawing sessions at Aardman. The main focus for me, as a story artist, is quick gesture drawings. We have a mix of female and male models that work with props and some have acting experience, which is great for character work. The classes have been a great success and have had participants from all departments at Aardman, not just the creative areas. I'm running another block on a few weeks.

Penny from Npower

Worked on a few projects with Penny, the Npower mascot. Here are a few examples . . .

Npower "Clearer Bills" Animatic

Npower 'Clearer Bills'

Nescafe "Drop" character designs

Character designs for a coffee drop character as part of a pitch for Nescafe

Bloodhound character development

Peter Peeke designed a bloodhound mascot and I developed the little dog further into poses that would express his tenacious & lovable personality.

Tales of the Spiffing; a comic anthology

20 artists who are involved with Aardman got together and independently published this comic anthology. The result has been better than any of us hoped for and we are now in the process of flogging them . . . so if you're interested please read on.
This cover was illustrated by Aardman director Luis Cook. I've just had the pleasure of working with him on an animatic for a secret pilot.

The Waterstein Babies

This is my tale. "The Waterstein Babies" is a Longitudinal study that began in 1928, England. It has since followed the lives of 5 babies from birth to death. Their highs, lows, deepest thoughts and desires are revealed in this famous study. In this volume are five stories that have been edited together to form a whole, it also includes various paraphernalia from the archive. I'm already working on Volume 2 for the next "Spiffing Artists" publication.

Calcutta India, 1928

Dr Waterstein's reporting of the orphan Asha Rai's selection for "The Waterstein Babies"

A Private Invitation

Fresh out of the box

To read more about this artistic venture or purchase the comic for £14.99 please visit;

Spiffing launch at GFR

We had a simultaneous launch at both Aardman studio sites. These are photos from the Gas Ferry Road studio canteen.

Shaun the Sheep "Snowed In"

Photos from the Shaun the Sheep set

You can see the rig holding Shaun in place. For the final shot this would be removed in Post Production

Shaun the Sheep "Pig Trouble" Storyboards

Shaun the Sheep "Ewe've been Framed" Storyboards

That's another fine mess you've gotten me into Bitzer . . .

Shaun the Sheep 'Ewe've been Framed' clip

"Shaun the Sheep" storyboards

A few of my storyboards from the series

Life drawing quick gesture poses