Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wallace & Gromit Cracking Ideas Storyboards 1

Wallace & Gromit Cracking Ideas Storyboards 2

So these boards show Wallace getting pulled upside down on the curtain. In the finished animation this happens to Gromit. Doing storyboards allows us to try out different stories or gags. This is how we work on Shaun the Sheep at the moment. Making sure that every single second is as good as it can be before it goes onto the studio floor and finally your screen. I can't wait for Shaun to air on TV soon. Then I can post some of the storyboards!

Real Animation

This is the finished animation. So it gives you an IDEA of how we try different IDEAS!

Re-Introducing "Zappy the Bumblebee"

A little known and forgotten star from the early days of cartoons. Seen here on this old confectionary box, "Zappy" is joined by his rival "Pops" who was basically a large flower. Fancy a sweet?

The Thinking Cap machine Storyboards 1

The Thinking Cap machine Storyboards 2

These are storyboards for the second "Wallace and Gromit" short to feature in the "Cracking Ideas" exhibition currently at the London Science Museum until Nov 09. I'm looking forward to taking my wife to London and seeing the finished exhibition!

Zappy the Bumblebee

Zappy soaks in the tub, while Pops catches up on the funny pages.