Friday, 11 December 2009

A few sketches from Rome

Tricky customer

Here was a really sweet slightly eccentric Italian. He was a little rough around the edges and was studying a paper with the aide of a small magnifying glass. The oversized coat and his little frame was tough to catch - plus he could not get comfortable . . .

Got him

The Mediterranean temperament in action. Lots of honking

Always with the hand

That temperement can creep into even the most civil conversation. I think these two were discussing which vegetable to buy, but the hand is up to the mouth, the fingers brought to a point as if to say this veg, the one I say right now, that choice is very important to me, so don't interfere.


So ok we're in Rome, of course you have to see the Trevi Fountain and of course that's where Fellini shot THAT scene in "La Dolce Vita". I know it's a cliche, but I don't care. There is something about being in a place that is in a movie, specifically an old classic movie (Can that film be termed classic? Pretty relevant right now) that just freaks me out, like being in a haunted house or your inside the movie, or the movies inside your head . . . I'll stop now. But throw in the penny and make a wish and you basically have cinema, don't you?


Roaming Romans

After a lot of scurrying around I settled down near a zebra crossing. Quite nice spots to catch people waiting to cross - when they do, you then have a fresh batch of drivers waiting at the lights.

Cinema City

I always find it inspiring to visit the famous film studios of the world, to think of all the famous scenes shot there. At the same time, working at Aardman Studios, I can clearly see they are just bricks and mortar, where people clock on, gossip in the canteen, fall out make friends, get bored, excited etc. I guess I like that fine line between dreams and the mundane. I'm trying to look at that in a short story I'm writing.

Backstage at Cinicitta, literally translated as Cinema City. Perhaps this is the horses head from the Godfather %)


Rear Window

The movies in a shop window. Very Italian

Pastels and Pluto

This street artist was creating universe vistas in front of a live audience. Thank goodness I don't have to storyboard that way.

A visual/musical Transaction

He played for me, I drew him. I'd like to try and catch more buskers for one thing they keep still and you get a musical accompaniment that perhaps even flavors the sketch. In this case, because of the language barrier, the moment seemed even sweeter. He is probably playing his guitar by the bridge right now as I type.