Monday, 20 October 2008

Niven #2

Getting there. Although I broke the nib on this one . . .

Niven and Parky

The sketches are taken from an interview with Parky - due to his age hs face has that really mercurial quality. But in truth the sketches vary so much because it's been a while since I used pen an ink!The top left one looks more like Vincent Price

Enjoy the clip and the joke . . .

Studies of David Niven

I'm currently developing an Animatic for a personal film. I've realised the pressure of a deadline is crucial to picking up momentum!

My main character is a gentleman, very dignified and elegant. In the film he gets himself into a bit of a scrape, but always maintains that stiff upper lip. I figured that if it was live action I'd get David Niven to play the part (if he was still alive)So I've been watching lots of his films and was really impressed by his physical presence. A little Buster Keaton mixed with Cary Grant.