Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Life drawing 30 sec poses

5 min poses

1 min poses

5 min poses

Works in Progress

Very busy few weeks, with lots of projects in various states of development. These are a few samples of my boards from a stop motion pilot produced by Aardman for Fox.

CGI Short film

These are a few boards from a short film in development with Aardman commercials. It is directed by Steve Harding-Hill. Alongside being a great story it's aim is to demonstrate the potential of the CGI dept. here at Gas Ferry. Look forward to showing more of this in the near future.

The biggest animation in the world!!

Recently finished the animatic for a potentially record breaking animation. This is a Nokia commercial which is using pixilation and real objetcs on a beach - shot from high above on a crane and with the scenery drawn into the sand by trained artists. Luckily I only had to draw the storyboards! They are currently shooting this now, I'll post the finished commercial up when it is complete.

In the meantime . . .

. . . here are some boards from the Wallace and Gromit vaults. You may recognise the steam chair from the episode "From A to B" . . .

Thought it might be nice to reveal some of the other versions of the chair that we tried in the storyboarding phase . . .

Getting the boot in

There was also a Reboot gag that was tried a few different ways - and if memory serves me correctly did not make the final episode . . .

Cutting room floor

Lots of visual gags get drawn up but not included, mostly due to time constraints. Sometimes they appear in other episodes - sometimes in a completely different project altogether. Ideas are never gone for long at Aardman.

Here is that boot again.

and again. Same idea - different staging.

One version of the chair looked like a toy spin top!

Shame this pond cam never made the series. Makes me laugh evertime.