Sunday, 17 August 2008

My Pen Loves Wrinkles

I was making notes on David Mamets "On Directing Film" and took a sketch break. These old women were sad that day, maybe I should have tried to cheer them up, but their frowns were very appealing to the eye.

Mamet has pretty strong views on films, some of them I struggle with. He's all for telling the story thru the cuts, not a fan of fancy angles and floating camera moves, like his writing he's pretty minimal. It's tough to not want to stick in the camera move or the flashy editing on a job, but I always have a tiny Mamet on my shoulder shouting "Nice shot smart ass, but is it helping the fucking story!!" Of course there's a tiny Welles on the other shoulder . . .

"Just Design it well, a film is a design" - David Mamet

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