Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Sleigh Ride in the Snow

I have been involved in a few Wallace and Gromit campagins that coincide with the premiere of "A Matter of Life and Death". Here are a few of the pieces I storyboarded. They were directed by Merlin and animated by the likes of Will Becher and Andy Sym. Keep your eyes open this Christmas . . .



jordan said...

hi jay got anymore stuff from a matter of loaf and death any designs concept art or storyboards behind the scenes pictures?

David said...

Hey J! Just had the delight to stumble across your blog. What a feast for the eyes it is. These interstitials were one of my Christmas TV highlights. Fantastic to see your inspiring and character filled story sketches for it. Pass on my very best to the team and hopefully see you in the New Year!

CLARKE said...

Hello . . . is this working? 1,2, 3 . . . bit unsure how to use this but hopefully I'm replying to you ??

Hey Jordon - Great to hear from you - there is a very short Wallace and Gromit episode that will accompany an exhibition at the London science museum soon. When that goes out I'll post the boards I worked on. Thanks for your comments and it would be great to have permission to see your blog.

Best wishes, Jay

CLARKE said...

Hey David,

It's great to hear from you. The stings were quite sweet. That's so kind of you to say. Your blog is looking great and congratulations on the Bradford Animation award - hope all is well with you and it would be great to see you down in Bristol soon!

Keep in touch, Jay